The Pink Cloud Energy Flows

When energy flows, it flows. If we could classify different kind of energies, me and Katrina seem to have the same one. Today I was amazed by her emphaty, while dancing on my song. I had goosebumps and tears and I felt some cathartic emotions coming up. Looking how another artist feels the same way as me. This is our first rehearsal, I am sure there'll be many more. 

As Katrina says: "Meet my new collaborative partner. This a rough draft for choreography- but the outline is there- her music is so heart-felt, so romantic, so wonderfully rhythmic, it SCREAMS storytelling!!! Excited to make some more happen with this! Love to Laura Furci and her incredible inspiration!"

Thank you Dancer! L.

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    Antonio Jesus Garcia Lozano (martedì, 22 novembre 2011 17:53)

    Es alucinante comprobar como la música se convierte en movimiento en "nube rosa en el mar"!, en locura vivaz, natural, emotiva, expresando ese sentimiento convincentemente feliz!, esta magnífica artista que no deja de sorprenderme con grandes y pequeños detalles que nacen de su ingeniosa y natural manera de hacer música. A mi me encanta!